How to manage feminine hygiene in a washroom

If you are a woman you know the deals that come with feminine hygiene in public restrooms. If you are a man then you probably have no idea of all it implicates. When it comes to providing your employees or clients with proper washroom hygiene there are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to female bathrooms.

Why can it be an issue?

Well, the most obvious and main reason are sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkin waste is often viewed just like normal bathroom waste, and is often compared to toilet paper or Kleenex. Yet, there are a lot of implications with treating them the same, and most people are unaware of that. By not having a specific disposer for them you can cause choked toilets and drainage blockages that come from the pads and the tampons being thrown into the toilet. The drainage issues come with additional expenses from calling the plumber. Not only that but serious drainage problems will end up causing closure of washrooms for repair, which creates great inconveniences among your female clients or employees. Also, when dealing with them inadequately a washroom is more likely to become a haven for bacteria, which spreads infections and encourages cross contamination. If they are thrown into the normal trashcans, you can get a foul smell too (which spoiler alert is a top washroom complaint), the smell is also likely to attract pests. You do not want pests in your bathroom.

What is important to consider

Well, females account for half the world population so, you probably want to take into consideration their hygienic needs.

What can a washroom service do for you?

A professional washroom service is likely to have a lot more expertise than you. They can help you supply of specialist sanitary bins and waste disposal and vending units to provide feminine hygiene products.